The Style Insider Program


The Style Insider Program is designed for our most active, creative members who express their style on Polyvore daily. Style Insider rewards you for all that you create. More sets equal more perks! If you've created at least 2 sets in the last 6 months, you're already in! 



Badges appear on your profile page and reset every 6 months. On December 31st and July 1st, we'll count the number of sets you've created and reset your status accordingly. 

  • If you haven't created enough sets in the past 6 months to keep you at your current level, you'll step down a level(s). 
  • The status bar on your profile page shows your current status. It will also how you how many sets you need to create before the next reset in order to keep your status or level up.

  • As soon as you create enough sets, you'll move up a level automatically.
  • Each level unlocks your eligibility for new perks. We'll contact you by email when an eligible perk comes up. Keep the email address on your Polyvore account up to date so you don't miss out! 
  • Brands cannot participate in the Style Insider Program. 

Check out our latest Style Insiders on the Official Blog of Polyvore

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