How to clip



Importing images you see on the web is quick and easy with the Clipper. The image will be saved as a “liked” item in your profile and available for use by the Polyvore community. Currently, the clipper is available for the desktop version of Polyvore and our iOS app.  


  1. Click the P Clipperbrowser.png by your browser's search bar
  2. Select an item(s)
  3. Click Like



  1. Open a shop page in Safari
  2. Tap the iOS share button iosshare.png
  3. Tap the Polyvore Clipper polyvoreiosclipper.png
  4. Tap your item(s)
  5. Tap Done doneiosclipper.png


  1. Tap Create ipadcreate.png
  2. Tap Add Item
  3. Tap My Items
  4. Tap Clip Items From Web
  5. Select a retailer or search the web
  6. Tap Clip to save an image clipios.png


Android browser's and other apps 

  1. Tap the dot icon in the upper-right threehorizontaldots.png
  2. Tap Share 
  3. Tap Add to Polyvore add_to_polyvore.png


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