Group moderation


A group moderator is someone who has the same controls over a group as the group creator. The moderator can accept sets for the groups, create contests, and invite members. 

Add a moderator

  1. From the Group page, click Moderate
  2. Click the Members tab
  3. Click the member you want to add as moderator
  4. Click Make Moderator 

Only members with 30 followers can be a moderator. Polyvore can't add moderators for you. After you have appointed someone a moderator, you can't remove them from that role.

Invite members

  • You may send one invite at a time
  • Group invites expire after 7 days
  • Invites can only be sent to members you're following

Group contests

Each group can only run one contest at a time. See our contest help page for more info on contests.

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