The Community Guidelines


We want Polyvore be a fun, happy and safe place to hang out.

When using Polyvore, you SHOULD:
Be creative and original
Share your sense of style and your artistic talent
Respect other people's work, creativity, views and beliefs
Know that all content is open to the public to see and use
Be age 13 or over

Have fun! :)

When using Polyvore, you SHOULD NOT:
Create pornographic content. No explicit, graphic sexual acts. No sex toys or other adult paraphernalia.
Promote violence or use hateful speech
Create content that attacks the race, religion, philosophy or beliefs of others
Bully, harass, abuse, stalk or threaten other people
Copy other people's sets
Upload personal photos of other people
Upload photos of yourself unless you are okay with other people using those photos. All items on Polyvore are considered public, meaning anybody else is free to use them. Tagging your pictures with "Do Not Use" requests won't change that. If you're not comfortable with this, then please don't upload your private pictures in the first place.
Create or upload content that infringes on any copyright, trademark or patent
Break any laws or participate in any illegal activities
Use profanity in your sets, comments or messages
Create sets that clearly promote the usage of illegal drugs
Create content that is about anorexia, bulimia or self-harm
Send chain mail or spam in messages or comments
Create or participate in violent, sexual or otherwise inappropriate roleplays
Create or participate in roleplays about or related to adoption
Create a set for which a retailer has paid you either with merchandise or other compensation without labeling the set as "promoted" or "sponsored" by the retailer.

Sets and items that violate these rules will be deleted. Members who abuse Polyvore will have their accounts deleted. We also reserve the right to edit these guidelines at any time and to remove content that we feel is harmful to the community. If you come across sets or items that violate the rules, you can report them by clicking the Flag as inappropriate links on item/set pages.

Thank you for being a member of the Polyvore community and for helping to keep it a fun and friendly place!

<3 The Polyvore Team

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