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Where do items come from?

  • All items on Polyvore are imported by members using our Clipper tool. Please respect all copyright restrictions and Community Guidelines when clipping as we will remove images, sets, and collections that violate these guidelines. 

Can items be removed from Polyvore?

  • No. Once something's clipped-in, it can't be deleted off Polyvore.

Can I clip photos of myself?

  • Don't clip photos of yourself unless you're okay with other people using them. All images on Polyvore are public. 

Can I upload images from my computer?

  • No, you can't upload images from your computer.

What's the Clipper and how do I download it?

  • The Polyvore Clipper is a browser bookmarklet or extension import items from other websites onto Polyvore. Click here to get the clipper. Download the Clipper and read more on it here.

How do I save clipped items to the Editor?

  • After you clip an item, it will automatically show up in the Editor under the My Items tab.


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